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BLUE Intermodal – Economical & environmentally conscious

BLUE Expeditors also meet the requirements for economical and resource-saving logistics processes. We ensure fast, efficient and sustainable transport of containers. We organize the majority of our container transports in combined transport with the use of rail or inland waterway.

Compared to trucks, these modes of transport have a far better balance in terms of emissions per loading unit.

With our logistics partners, we have a comprehensive transport network and can reach the ports of the Hamburg – Antwerp Range in the shortest possible time, or we can transport your imported goods from the seaport quickly and environmentally consciously from the port of discharge to any desired location.

Besides the pure transport service, we are also pleased to take on other activities such as:

Digital customs declaration in the seaport via portbase (Rotterdam) / APCS (Antwerp)

Planning the best possible domestic depot (pick up / drop off)

Multi-stops, e.g. for weighing purposes (VGM)

SOLAS VGM registration

Temporary storage of goods

Which logistics challenge can we master for you?

Our advantages

  • Friendly contact persons with a high level of expertise
  • Fast response times
  • Direct accessibility
  • Service-oriented action
  • We deliver solutions

Our BLUE Team gives it all!

We take care of your logistics project from A to Z. Our team monitors your transports in every detail.

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